How it Works

Waive is a new and unique mobility experience.


Use the app to locate a WaiveCar near you. To reserve one for 15 minutes, tap ‘Book WaiveCar’.


Unlock your car with the app. Drive safely and enjoy your two free hours.


Ready to hop out? Depending on the charge level, leave it in a legal parking spot or drop it off at a charging station.


Finish by tapping ‘End Ride’ and following the in app step-by-step exit checklist. Your ride is now complete.

How it Works

We see that we’ve sparked your curiosity

Got questions? Check out our FAQ below! If you still need help, email or call us at 855-WAIVE55.

At least two free hours

WaiveCars are free for at least the first two hours because advertisers pay us to display their ads on our cars. Need more time? Our rate is just $5.99/hr.

Easy as flicking on a light

Reserve a car using the WaiveCar app, then use your phone to unlock it. Once you’re in, drive for free then return to any charging station or legal parking spot within Santa Monica.

24/7 electric car rental

Reserve and drive a WaiveCar any time - day or night. Need to contact us? Our Pico Blvd HQ is open daily from 9am - 10pm and our customer care line is open 9am - midnight.

Safe and secure for your convenience

Only your mobile account can unlock your reserved WaiveCar. Once booked, you’ll have at least 15 minutes to reach it before it’s made available to someone else.

First come first serve

Unlike a rental company, you can’t reserve a car in advance. Waive believes in the convenience of giving you a free car NOW! Get it while it's hot!